Anmol Chokkar is a Canadian artist who earned her BFA in Drawing and Painting major at OCAD University, Ontario. She is a bisexual Sikh artist who grew up in Brampton surrounded by immigrants and first generation Canadians. Previous to enrolling at OCAD University, she attended Mayfield Secondary School, participating in their Regional Arts Program as a Visual Arts student.

She works in a variety of mediums including acrylic and oil, mixed media, and has a unique interest in combining painting with found materials and textiles. She also works with writing and collage, incorporating that into her painting practice to blend language and art. Her works explores ideas of identity, family, and culture. She also deconstructs personal issues within her art as a form of therapy, particularly the issues and representation of women.

Chokkar is a recipient of the Mayfield Arts Letter Award. She has exhibited multiple times in the Bolton Library show, and has also exhibited at the Ada Sleight Gallery for The Gathering Exhibition. Her artworks are held in multiple private collections throughout Canada. She has also created many commissioned works.

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